Monthly Workshops & Playshops are day-long healing intensives for all interested in experiencing and deepening their healing and spiritual growth. You will also learn skills to enhance your private practices.

These workshops are designed for both professionals in the healing arts and for people interested in self-healing and spiritual growth. In simple terms, Mearah will explain how to heal emotional, physical and spiritual traumas and how to recognize energetic patterns of illness, disease and suffering of all kinds. Mearah will teach powerful healing techniques, dynamic meditations and the art of "seeing."

Teaching with love, joy and laughter, Mearah helps each participant feel safe and encouraged to explore and deepen their inner healer and to trust their inner guidance. Each workshop is a life-changing adventure!


We will release the old,recognize what's blocking abundance or creating greater abundance,then regenerate and rescript our blueprints. Also using sound,meditation,dance and humor. This is a powerful gathering to facilitate the release of all old distortions handed down from the generations before or the collective at large. You will leave with the Bagua-Blueprint as a life long tool to use for enhancing every part of your life!

Date: August 24, 2008
Time:10:00 to 1pm
Cost:$35 plus workshop materials which include the Bagua-Blueprint Vision Board, Instructional CD with Meditation, Blueprint instructional workbook and Journal for only $44. For playshop participants only. Normally $80.

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Contact Mearah at  203-434-5346 or email her at


Sacred Ecstatic Dance:

Location: Hanalei Hawaii, Weekly classes, Call for time and location

Channeling Classes:

Location: Kapaa, Hawaii, Monday nights, Call 203-434-5346 for time and location


Sacred Dance and the laws of attraction: Sound Healing and Manifestation: 
2008: Hawaii, Connecticut, Michigan, New York, Kripalu - Lennox, Mass.

Creative Arts Playshops for Kids!

An adventure in shamanic dance, story telling, drumming and every kind of instrument you can think of to play. rhythms and dance. laughter and song. Self discovery and love.

Location: Kauai Hawaii--throughout the school systems.

The Creative Arts Playshop will come to you with an invitation!


Call Mearah at 203-434-5346  to register.

"During the session with Mearah, I began to feel energy in my body for the first time. The pain has completely released from my neck and I know I'm free to achieve my life's dreams. The fear is gone."  Michael Galone, M.D.


"Mearah's Next Step healing course that I attended for four years was a God send. She created a beautiful, safe and supportive space in her workshops that allowed me to experience my first glimpse of spiritual community and consciousness. I took to her classes like a duck to water. It was exactly what I needed. Mearah saw my essence and helped me connect with my light. What a tremendous gift she has given me!" Sue Gaffney, School Teacher


"Mearah has a rare gift of pure vision and generously shares her insights with love, gentleness and compassion." Anita, Financial Consultant


"Through  my work with Mearah, my questions were being answered. and surprisingly, it was I who had the answers. She helped me find my sense of self and my way home." Nariel, Graphic Artist


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