Transformational Journeys provide a renewal of your vision quest in wonderful power spots throughout the world.  Contact Mearah at  203-434-5346 or email her at


July 2008 - Monday through Saturday - A Transformational Journey to Kauai in Hawaii. A renewal of vision. The fluid dance of body dreaming, soul retrieving, sounds and rituals that heal. 


May 2008 - A Vision Quest Renewal in the Havasu Canyon. The sacred grounds of the Blue Green Waters. To receive a vision means to find some heartfelt answers to the paramount questions about our purpose and meaning in life.

A part of the Grand Canyon, the Havasu Canyon is a mysteriously beautiful and sacred place. Cutting into brilliant red rock, the blue green water of the Havasu River cascades down into three huge, breathtaking waterfalls. Lagoons of aquamarine form at the base of each fall with hanging gardens of moss and ferns and exquisite stalagmite rock formations.

We begin our Workshop at Seligman, Arizona, where we will stay overnight at the Historic 66 Hotel. We leave at the break of dawn, caravan to the Canyon rim and hike down to the basin. As we separate from our busy lives surrounded by the incredible beauty and stillness of this ancient land, we recognize the outer wilderness reflected within our own nature.

For five days, we will become a tribe, preparing our meals together, sharing our dreams, stories and poetry. We'll explore the Canyon's waterfalls and caverns, participate in ancient release ceremonies and return home to our divine nature.

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Maya Tulum is a wellness retreat and spa located by the magical warm waters of the Caribbean Sea in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.


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