Quantum Healing is a rapid transformation approach for liberating deep seated issues from this life stream experience or any other. It creates breakthroughs for distortions, problems and suffering on the mental, physical, emotional and soul levels that might otherwise take years using traditional methods.

Mearah's psychic and spiritual skills are combined with her passion to live a liberated life, free from distortion and aligned with source consciousness. Mearah has created Quantum Healing to assist others who desire to do the same.

Phone sessions and private in-person sessions are available, including energy sound therapy, soul retrieval and dream work, past life repatterning and the use of sound and light to repair the immune system and release energetic blockages that cause illness and suffering

Sessions are $150 for 60 to 90 minutes, followup sessions are $20 for each 15 minutes.


Contact Mearah at  203-434-5346 or email her at heartwaves8@gmail.com.