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Mearah Marqua is a multi-dimensional healer, visionary and clairvoyant. She is a pioneer in the development of healing techniques and systems. This includes the use of sound and movement to repair and strengthen the immune system and to heal psychological and emotional trauma. Mearah integrates her professional experience in dance, movement and the healing arts to create classes and workshops designed to facilitate the inner awakening of body, mind, and soul. She guides people with love and humor to align with their path and purpose, and to recognize and develop their own innate healing abilities.


  • 2004: Shamonic Dream Circles with Robert Moss

  • 2003: White Dove Healing Arts: RWC Homeopathic course (1 Yr.)

  • 2002: Quantum Machine: with Dr. Bill Nelson 2001: Journey Certification: with Brandon Bays

  • 2000: SAHUKA Certification: with Tom Kenyon

  • 1999: Yoga: On-going

  • 1993: Continuum in Sound and Micro-movements with E. Conrad (11 yrs.) on-going.

  • 1992: Shamanic Dance with Gabriel Roth. (4 yrs) 1990: Sound Training with Valerie Hunt (2 yrs)

  • 1989: Bio-Energetics (2 yrs)

  • 1989: John Upledger: Cranio Sacral training (1 yr)

  • 1989: Norwalk Community College: Anatomy, physiology, nursing course

  • 1988: Certification at The Healing Science Institute with Barbara Brennan (4 year program)

  • 1985: Boces University, Shiatsu Certification

  • 1984: Certified AFAA Fitness Instructor

  • 1983: Trained and performed with Jeoffrey Ballet, New York City

  • 1982: University of South Florida, B.S. 2 yrs. 1976: Indiana University, Music Department (2 yr. dance scholarship)

  • 1974: Performed with Ballet Etudes Repertoire Company for 5 years in CT

Professional Experience

  • Established the Next Step Healing Technologies 1989 to present

  • Healing / training workshops taught nationally and internationally: Holographic Healing, The Grief Point Technique, The Effects of Sound on the Immune System, The Evolution of the Thymus Gland and Endocrine System, Soul Recovery and Retrieval, Moving from Addiction to Creativity, and Sacred Journey Chakra Dance

  • The Sacred Journey Teacher Training Program Fundamental to advanced training in multi-dimensional healing techniques

  • The Gold Chalice Healing Series: How To audio tapes on: The Effects of Sound and Movement on the Immune System, Heart Waves Inner technologies, Channeling as Your Multi-Dimensional Birth Right, and The Grief Point Techniques and Evolution of the Thymus Gland

Private Practice

1989 to present:

  • Spiritual Healing: Channeled readings, sound and energy transmissions to facilitate transformation and healing

  • Soul Clearing and Recovery: The retrieval of fragments of ones soul energy that have been traumatized, lost or stolen

  • Supervision for Healers: Working with professionals in the healing arts to deepen and integrate their methods and procedures

  • Dynamic Wave Workout, Sacred Journey Chakra Dance and DNA Dance: A workout for body and soul

  • Personalized Intensives, Vision Quest, Training and Retreats Guest speaker and workshop leader at the following: 1988 to present:

  • Fairfield University, CT Taught students techniques in releasing stress through movement, sound and meditation

  • Omega Institute, N.Y. Taught with Barbara Brennan holographic healing techniques

  • Wainright House, N.Y. Taught Manifesting Through the Power of Prayer (2001)

  • UCONN, CT psychology dept. Taught the healing effects of sound on the emotions and immune system

  • Wellness Center, Paris, France The Sacred Journey Teacher Training Program (4 yrs)

  • Le Moulon Foulon, Normandy, France The Next Step Healing Training Program (4 yrs)

  • Lake Geneva Center, Switzerland The Next Step Healing Training Program (4 yrs)

  • Center for Light, Santa Fe, New Mexico Taught movement, sound and meditation techniques

  • Transformational Journeys Week long Renewal of Vision Quests: Havasupai in the Grand Canyon and Hawaii

  • CHHA (CT Holistic Health Association) Guest Speaker. Topic: Healing Effects of Sound on the Immune System

  • Stamford Museum, CT Taught ages 3 through 10 Sound and Movement

  • CHANNEL 12 NEWS, CT Two guest appearances: Presenting the healing effects of sound and movement on the immune system

  • Mystic School, CT Teaching children 6 years of age the Yoga of Dancing with their animal allies

  • Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Located in Lenox, Massachusetts Taught 2 week long programs: Dare to Be Remarkable: Sacred Dance and Channeling Abundance and Uncoil your Power.

  • Naropa University Located in Boulder Colorado Taught a 3 day workshop: Sacred dance and The Bagua Vision Board

  • Kauai Health and Wellness Association: Member of the Board.

  • Kauai's summer school programs for children: Volunteered a creative arts program: Kids on Drums and Dance:

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